Using the Priority Pass restaurant credit

As I mentioned earlier, Priority Pass recently added a new type of benefit to their airport lounge access card – a $28 per person credit when used at participating restaurants and shops within the airport terminal. Since most airport lounges only have free snacks and I'm often looking for an actual meal when I'm in an airport, this is a welcome new option.

UPDATE Nov 2017: I knew this setup was too good to last – Priority pass has implemented new rules to stop you from using the credit for "merchandise and bottle sales". I still think it's a great program, just a little less great than during the initial rollout.

Right now, Portland, Oregon (PDX) is a trial run for this. I had a dinner-time flight to JFK from PDX in Economy and wanted to bring a meal with me, so I stopped in to Capers Market and took a look around. I was surprised at the variety of things they had available. In addition to things you'd likely eat/drink on board or in the airport, there were a lot of souvenirs, wine, beer, and charcuterie.

One thing to note is that you have to use all $28 in one transaction, you can't, say, use $20 and then go back 10 minutes later and use the remaining $8.

Of course, since I'm not really a Delta gal, I got on board my flight and to my complete and utter shock I found they were serving a meal to everyone on board – including Economy!! 

UPDATE: Miami, Denver, and JFK Terminal 8 now have similar programs.

Capers Market (near D gates)

lots of local beers

soaps, chocolates, honey, tea

ice cream and beer

The usual beverages, coffee, pastries, sandwiches

local sausage, nuts, and charcuterie

My loot: salmon salad, cheese plate, an apple


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