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Fasting to prevent jetlag

(updated June 2018)

I've read for years that researchers had found that selective fasting can help alleviate jet lag but I'd never tried it until this trip. The idea is simple: a day or two before you depart, you figure out when you'll be asleep in the new time zone and you fast during your pre-bedtime and sleeping hours. We were taking JAL's 787 service (trip report here) leaving Tokyo at 6pm, this meant that we had a late breakfast and then had to fast until they started serving food on board (ca. 8pm).

My husband's "hangry" fits are legendary. Like I actually carry around power bars and nuts with me entirely on the off chance he gets low blood sugar and turns into a Snickers commercial. But he loves sleep more than anything so he fully volunteered to try this if it meant better sleeping when we got back. Not eating from like 11am until 8pm was tough for both of us, but the anec-data here is that we both had virtually no jet lag. From what I've hear…

Japan Airlines Tokyo Narita to New York JFK 787 Business Class trip report

TL;DRThis flight is exactly what you want from a Business Class trip: great lounge, good food, good liquor, a comfortable bed, Wi-Fi, and a bit of entertainment, all politely and professionally executed. 

105,00 Avios points + $145 in fees per personCash cost would have been $5800 (i.e., 5.2¢ per point)How I did it
PRO row 1 still has the same stowage and space as other Business Class rowsthe seat design is a nice middle ground between intimacy and privacy. 787 has higher humidity and cabin pressure, plus it's much quieter and has bigger windows one of the few British Airways Avios redemptions that doesn't have astronomical co-paystoto washlets better bedding that ANA Business Class (my review of their competing flight here). 
CON even in a new terminal, they boarded the whole plane through the front doorthe window seat can be a bit claustrophobic no personal air vent controls (aka gaspers)no pajamas
Narita Terminal 2 was largely empty when we arrived 3 hours before boarding …