Sometimes Economy has more room than First

As I've mentioned before, unless you're on a special, premium transcontinental flight like JetBlue Mint or United PS, domestic USA First class means a recliner seat with about 6 more inches of legroom than Economy. United likes to think those inches and (if you're lucky) a meal warrant a 300% increase in price. Delta usually prices theirs around 200%.

Most domestic first looks like those recliners on the left

But if you use and are willing to poke a little bit at the seat map during the checkout process, you can sometimes land yourself way more legroom than First without having to pay those ridiculous markups.

I'm just booked a flight from Portland (PDX) to JFK and was planning on sitting in Economy but after consulting Seatguru I figured I'd click the Comfort+ option to see if 19F was open, and lo and behold it was! So for $70 I get early boarding AND infinite legroom. Theoretically I'll also get a pillow, blanket, and amenity kit for that money.

I love when infinite legroom happens!

But as I learned from my Hello Kitty plane experience, though, if there's an equipment swap, I'm hosed.


  1. Also Comfort+ gets you free beer and wine.

    1. i'd forgotten about that -- well i'll definitely be getting my money's worth then :P


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