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Alaska - Iceland Air partnership is back!

Alaska Airlines ended their partnership with Iceland Air a couple of years ago with little notice or fanfare. I've been to Iceland twice now, and took advantage of this partnership both times to credit my Iceland Air flight to my Alaska account.

I'm really glad to see it's back - it's a great option for affordable Business Class flights to the continent. They have 40" recliner seats, similar to most US carriers' domestic Business Class, but the food, drink, and service are better, plus it comes with access to their awesome First Class arrivals and departures lounge in Reykjavik as well as the BA Galleries lounge at JFK. They have an interesting setup where you land in Reykjavik from the US in the morning and you can then continue on to the continent immediately, or you can go into town or into the famous Blue Lagoon Spa for the day, and then continue on your way in the evening. I've done this before and I swear it's the reason I basically had zero jet …

$10 Amex statement credit at select NYC restaurants

American Express is doing a promo in September where you get $10 if you spend $50 at a bunch of NYC Restaurants. Normally I wouldn't post about this type of thing but I searched my home address and nearly every single restaurant in the Lower East Side is there so it seemed like an easy $10...

Details are here. You have to register your card for the promo.