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What I learned doing the JetBlue Family Pooling

(updated March 2017)

As I mentionedbefore, my husband and I both gave up on United and on chasing status with "the big 3" a couple years ago. Since he flies NYC-SFO a lot for work, he ended up settling into a pattern of flying JetBlue Mint since it's hands-down the best domestic Business Class and is often the cheapest (his employer requires him to fly on the lowest-priced flight within $100).

Since we both fly quite a bit, we decided to do take advantage of JetBlue's unique-in-the-US family point-pooling program. The big advantage of a Family Pool is that you can avoid the situation where, for example, two of you want to go somewhere and you need 30,000 miles each, but one of you has 45,000 miles and the other only has 15,000. (Most airlines won't let you transfer miles between accounts without a hefty fee).

Another big advantage of Family Pooling is that it's easier to redeem for a single ticket that includes multiple family members. During bad weather or …

New York City food

(updated May 2019) Intro Lots of folks ask me for tips on food in my neighborhood and NYC in general so here's a few of my very Lower East Side-centric tips. There's tons of info online about the restaurant scene here – you don't need me to tell you that Per Se and Le Bernardin are great places to eat, but check out EaterNY or the Michelin Bib Gourmand list if you want to read up on some places for yourself.

A great watch on the plane ride here is The Sturgeon Queens – a documentary about the legendary Russ and Daughters appetizing shop and the Lower East Side's culinary history. Lots of celebrity cameos including Ruth Bader Ginsberg!

FoodFood and drink in this neighborhood change very quickly. My favorite things right now are:
The Tangmakes some amazing Taiwanese food - the turnip cakes and the "mouthwatering chicken" are both favorites.
Raku on 6th Street in the East Village has fantastic Udon that's exactly like the stuff I ate in Japan.Cocoron is also gre…