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You can't manage your AT&T or ConEd bill from abroad...

Just a quick tip here cuz I just got bit by this one... You can't manage your AT&T or Consolidated Edison electricity accounts from overseas. But of course neither gives you a warning that you can't, their website just hangs indefinitely when you try to log in. I checked online and, yep, here's the FAQ (from ConEd) that confirms it's not supported.

In both cases we first tried using several different desktops and mobile devices to access the websites from web browser - nope. We tried a variety of internet connections at a variety of times (cellular, home wifi, wired ethernet) - nope. Then we tried a VPN from Tokyo to the US and that didn't fix the problem either. So we ended up doing a Remote Desktop session to my husband's work machine on his desk in New York and immediately got in. If you're going on a longer trip, you might want to make arrangements to have the access and payments you need.

For ConEd, we've found that you can pre-pay your bill on…

ANA 777 First Class JFK - NRT Trip Report

Pros Best in-flight meal everFantastic serviceGreat seat/bedToto Washlet on boardNice departure time (noon Eastern) means a very calm Terminal 7
Cons Honestly, none. Other than it's 30,000 more points per person each way than Korean Air First Class, but you get what you pay for...
How I did it Detailed info is over here, but the short story is: 110,000 United Miles + $5.60 in fees, per person, one way. We earned those miles through a combination of last year's flying on United and one 50,000-point United credit card sign up bonus. We booked around 9 months in advance
ArrivingWe got stuck trying to do online check-in, but a quick call to ANA got that sorted out. ANA uses Terminal 7 at JFK, along with British, Cathay, and Iceland Air. Since the bulk of British Airways flights happen in the evening, the terminal was basically empty when we arrived at 10:30am. 
ANA check-in for all cabins is located to the right of the main hallway. For some reason our TSA Pre information didn'…