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Sad Trombone: JetBlue is adding Basic Economy

JetBlue posted on their blog today that they're going to continue the race to the bottom and add Basic Economy. (I predicted this would happen). While this makes me sad, we've seen mountains of data that show most passengers won't pay extra for a nicer experience in the cabin.

They haven't figured out all of the details yet, but it sounds like their messaging is going to be about letting people have JetBlue's superior experience for the same price as flying Spirit or Frontier. While I'm sure it'll be cheaper than JetBlue's regular fares, I've found that Basic Economy on the legacy carriers is still priced higher than flying an Ultra Low Cost Carrier.

The unfortunate reality is that their existing customers will be getting a taste of that ULCC spirit when JetBlue finishes retrofitting all of their old A320 planes. Their industry-leading 34" seat pitch in Economy is dropping to 32", and they're shrinking the lavatories to accommodate a d…

TRIP REPORT: Alaska Airlines 737 Newark to Portland in Business Class (EWR - PDX)

Unremarkable domestic trans-con flight in 38” first class recliners. Friendly flight attendants, uncommunicative pilots.  
ProsAlaska miles are versatile Power at seat in Business ClassFree messaging on wi-fiSalt and Straw ice creamFriendly FAsSnack basket + candy before landing ConsNewark terminal has indoor porta-potties instead of bathrooms No seatback entertainment, they hand out a small tablet PC instead. 70 minutes from boarding to wheels up with zero communication from flight deck about why we were delayedNo food choice (I guess I'm having the vegetable pasta!)Complimentary upgrades means Business Class is always fullAlaska refuses to enforce the "use the lavatory in your ticketed cabin" ruleWi-fi is very expensive: $39.99 for Gogo's slow-go internet TipsSit near the front of the Business Class section if you'd like to have a choice of meal How I did it$502 for a one-way flight. I chose this primarily due to the flight time clicking well with my schedule i…