You can't manage your AT&T or ConEd bill from abroad...

Just a quick tip here cuz I just got bit by this one... You can't manage your AT&T or Consolidated Edison electricity accounts from overseas. But of course neither gives you a warning that you can't, their website just hangs indefinitely when you try to log in. I checked online and, yep, here's the FAQ (from ConEd) that confirms it's not supported.

In both cases we first tried using several different desktops and mobile devices to access the websites from web browser - nope. We tried a variety of internet connections at a variety of times (cellular, home wifi, wired ethernet) - nope. Then we tried a VPN from Tokyo to the US and that didn't fix the problem either. So we ended up doing a Remote Desktop session to my husband's work machine on his desk in New York and immediately got in. If you're going on a longer trip, you might want to make arrangements to have the access and payments you need.

For ConEd, we've found that you can pre-pay your bill online before you leave on your trip. When you're in their credit card screen, just manually enter an amount equal to your current bill plus a healthy guess of what the next month(s) will be. You can charge up to $1500. 

In the case of AT&T, you can also try manually pre-paying, or you might have some luck using their mobile app, but we found that several of its functions (e.g., View Bill) just don't work at all abroad.




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