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20 MORE things I learned being an AirBnB host

The first 20 things list is here.

UPDATE: part 3, the financial results! is here

HAVE A CLEANING CHECKLIST. Whether I'm cleaning it, or our cleaning person is, it's helpful to have a checklist for the apartment. It should contain all of the things that need cleaning, all the things that need washing, amenities (e.g., toilet paper, coffee) whose levels need checking, a list of valuables (art, coffeemaker, electronics) that might have been stolen, and cleaning supplies. The flipside of my OCD: this made me realize just how little cleaning most hosts are likely doing before new guests arrive. *shudder*
LAUNDRY, LAUNDRY, LAUNDRY – it's probably the most time-consuming duty of a host. A normal guest will end up leaving a minimum of 2 loads of laundry (set of sheets + bath towels). Kitchen towels, bath mats, duvet covers, and cleaning rags can also add to the pile. Even if you have in-unit laundry, it might just be faster to go to a laundromat and do all of it at once. Or have a …

Yet another attempt at an all-business class transatlantic airline

I mentioned a while back that Skymark was going to start a all premium seat flight between Tokyo and NYC and apparently now "La Compagnie" is going to venture back into the space where so many others have failed (or retreated in BA/OpenSkies case). Since these ventures seem to sprout like mushrooms after rain when mainstream carrier profit margins get too big, I think it's a safe bet this will probably work out ok until the next economic downturn or massive oil price hike.

From the sounds of things, it's going to be €1000-ish round trip from Newark to Charles De Gaulle for angled lie-flat seats and a fairly crummy staff-to-customer ratio. But their once-daily flight is overnight, so hopefully you'll be busy sleeping, right?
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