Mosaic status challenge came through!

As I mentioned earlier this year, JetBlue ran both a status challenge and status match promotion where you could quickly earn elite status with them.

My husband already has Mosaic status, but unfortunately he was not on-track to make it again for next year. He was about to book an expensive Mint flight to California for work and realized that flight would earn enough points to qualify for him the status challenge.

Well this email showed up last week...
and along with it came the 15,000 bonus points (worth $210) that you get when you qualify for Mosaic the normal way. I mention this because in several online forums many were wondering if people doing the challenge would receive this bonus.

On top of that, this was apparently his 10th Mint flight so he got an additional 1,000 points for the "Never a Dull Mo-Mint" badge as well.

Double bonuses!

My post about the actual value of Mosaic status is here.


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