Where to find TOTO Washlets outside of Japan

(last update 11/2018)

I love Washlets. I've had one in my house since my first visit to Japan more than a decade ago and I love it when my hotel room or my plane has one. And it's not just me, the NYTimes wrote about them, and several competing brands have appeared in the US in recent years.

If you want a Washlet in the sky, you don't have much of a choice – only ANA and JAL have them, and only in the premium cabins.


But what about hotels? As the spokesmodel in this commercial says, "I can't go on vacation anymore". A few of us were discussing this the other day and I said that yes, in fact, the presence of a Washlet would be a slam dunk for me when choosing a hotel. So I went poking around to find places outside of Japan that have them. Please message me if you know one that should be added to the list!

UPDATE: Of course after I made this, a Japanese friend pointed out that someone in Japan already maintains a page to help find Toto hotels. Check it out!

Hotels with Washlets (ウォシュレット完備の海外ホテル特集)

The Americas
In Singapore, the Philippines, and Jordan it's also quite common for hotels to have the "bum gun" attached to the toilet – it's basically kitchen sink sprayer that lets you do the washing manually. If you've never used one before, I definitely recommend trying it out naked in your hotel room to get a little practice and muscle memory. (It's easy to spray water everywhere…)
TIP: If you go to Trip Advisor to look at a hotel, you can click 'Room and Suite' and then click 'Bathroom' to check out visitor photos before you book
TOTO also keeps an online list of restaurants. I think they do this largely so people can "try before they buy" if they've never used one before.

Hello Kitty Washlet!


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