Trip Report: British Airways Business Class New York Kennedy to London Heathrow (JFK-LHR)

This trip was JFK – LHR in business and then LHR – JFK in First. This itinerary cost us 65,000 Avios + $1150 per person, round trip. I used our last Travel Together certificate to halve the number of miles from 130,000. (How I did it)

This is such a busy and well-documented flight that I'm only going to post a couple of quick notes. 

On the 747, BA's "Club World" Business Class cabin is split between the upper and lower decks. Most of the New York - London flights are overnight so we opted to sit upstairs because the small cabin (only 20 seats!) up there is much quieter and less trafficked than the downstairs which makes it easier to sleep. BA makes you pay to choose your seat in advance, even in full-fare Business Class so we decided to spend the money to make sure we were sitting up top. Seat selection is free once check-in opens up (24 hours before departure), so you could risk it and try to snag a seat upstairs by checking in right at the 24 hour mark...

These overnight flights are fairly short (≈6 hours) so getting some sleep is the most important thing so I always choose the option to eat in the Heathrow arrivals lounge after landing. Even the very latest of these overnight flights puts you into London around 11 a.m. so I don't mind killing a bit of time before I head into the city and try to check in to my hotel. No pajamas are provided in Business Class so bring your own if you don't want to sleep in your street clothes. 

Dinner buffet in the JFK Galleries lounge

Dinner buffet in the JFK Galleries lounge

Club World Business Class seat

Breakfast preference card

I love being able to look inside the cockpit!

These overnight flights are all about one thing: getting some sleep!
Breakfast in the arrivals lounge


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