JetBlue Mint "Secret Menu"

I'm a big fan of JetBlue Mint. I've posted about it quite a few times. To quote myself:
I love how JetBlue absolutely hit the correct note with their Saxon + Parole menu in Mint. People flying in Business Class on the JFK/LAX/SFO aren't likely to get excited about the standard "Beef, Chicken, or Pasta" offering, yet the big 3 legacy carriers keep serving midwestern cafeteria food on fine china to people who have much more sophisticated palettes.
Well I suppose it's no surprise that not everyone likes interesting food, but I only just learned that JetBlue has a "secret menu" (called "Plane Eats") for the picky eaters among us.

JetBlue Mint's "Secret Menu"

From everything I've read you need to pre-arrange this at least 48 hours before your flight. (Click here and scroll down to Special Meal Menus). A direct link to the menu is here. There are other options there as well: Low cal, Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten-Free.


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