JFK Terminal 1 AirFrance lounge

I don't obsess much about lounges. In my old age I need a bit of moderation in my life so the lure of unlimited free booze before a flight where I can also have unlimited free booze has faded. These days I usually have a little champagne toast with my hubby / traveling companions and that's about it. If I'm on a long layover or there's departure delays, I like my lounges quiet, half-empty, with decent coffee, fast wi-fi, and something resembling fresh fruit or vegetables to eat. The AirFrance / SkyTeam lounge at JFK's Terminal 1 is all of those things, plus a great planespotting bar upstairs. It looks like it got a major remodel since my last visit in Jan '14. Sadly they removed the model airplane display. Still, it's nice, clean, and modern. 

Here's some pictures. 

On a morning visit in 2017, they had Japanese curry on offer due to a JAL flight about to depart...


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