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JetBlue finally refreshing their old A320s: the good news and the bad news.

Everyone loves JetBlue's new Mint planes, but, as I've complained about in the past, their old A320s are looking a little long in the tooth. Well, they just announced the details of their coming refreshed interiors.

UPDATE: TPG has a full review of a 'Phase 1' retrofitted plane
The good news
the seatback in-flight entertainment (IFE) screen is getting a lot bigger and HDthey're installing their Fly-Fi free high-speed Wi-Fi  the IFE now supports multiple languages for audio tracksthe IFE also has support for streaming video contentall seats will have power and USB ports
The bad news
Regular economy seats are losing 2 full inches of seat pitch (though the slimmer seat materials might mitigate that a bit)Those slimmer seats will likely be less comfortable than the previous onesGalleys and lavatories are being moved so they can add 12 more seats to each plane
My thoughts
The new 32" seat pitch will still let them claim "most legroom in coach" but their big d…