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Travel Metric for Americans (AND Canadians)

When we Americans travel abroad, we're definitely spoiled in that English is a very common second language for people around the world to learn. But one thing most foreign English speakers don't learn is Fahrenheit and feet and pounds and ounces. Since your foreign friends have gone and saved you all the trouble of having to learn another language, you'd think Americans could devote a tiny amount of energy to learn the planet's preferred measuring system, but they don't.

And what surprises me is how this completely crosses the political divide – like my prejudiced ass expects a traveling Texas republican to act like this, but educated, well-traveled, deep blue state people are similarly stubborn to making even the tiniest effort on this.

But why are Canadians in the title of the article? Ask a Canadian how tall they are and you'll have your answer. My dear cousins to the north can skip the first two sections, but don't miss the last. ❤️🇨🇦
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Great news! JAL and ANA slashing fuel surcharges by 60%

Both Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airlines base their fuel surcharges on jet fuel price indices (as I pointed out last year). They've just announced that the surcharges are being slashed by 60% for tickets issued in April and May. According to NHK, they review the surcharge rates every two months. This should bring the copay on their super-affordable Economy reward tickets back down to the $100 range.