La Compagnie launches all-Business Class service to London Luton

I've mentioned La Compagnie before. They've been offering all-Business Class service between Newark and Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport since summer of 2014 and they're now launching Newark to London Luton service 5x per week. The flight times are nice: leave Newark at 10:20PM and arrive London 10:30am, leave London 5:45pm and arrive Newark at 9:00PM

They've been consistently offering amazing deals ($1000 round trip to London right now!), so I'm still very interested in trying them out. The big thing is trying to avoid all of the potential downsides:
  • If anything goes wrong with the plane, they don't have any other planes to put you on, so no booking them when I'm on a tight schedule. 
  • You don't earn any miles (which is fine by me since I'm not chasing status) 
  • I hate Newark. Maybe once the PATH train is done it won't be so bad, but until then, ugh.
  • The seats are the last-generation angled-flat seats, but lots of fancy airlines (hello, Lufthansa and JAL) are still flying this product today.
  • Luton airport isn't the best for transport, but there is a rail link

Lucky has a trip report over here. Another article about their future expansion over here.


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