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The people you see on the plane

This last flight had nearly all of them, I think I'm going to actually make this into a Bingo card! Ooh, or maybe a pack of Tarot cards!

the drinker - she loves herself a pour-it-yourself lounge bar and she keeps ‘em coming once the plane is airborne. She’s also often:

the talker - the one who talks loudly and incessantly even after the lights have gone out and everyone else is trying to sleep.

the eater - not only do they eat all of the food they’re served, they order the entire in-flight snack menu as well. i once watched a guy on ANA consume approximately 9000 calories on a 12 hour flight – and this was after hitting the pre-flight buffet in the lounge. Impressive. He also often becomes:

the farter – that guy who somehow thought that having kimchi and hefeweizen and beans before boarding the flight was a smart idea.

his antithesis is the monk – the person who brings a single brown rice ball for a 16 hour flight and refuses any and all food offered to them onboard. Double points f…

Trip Report: Cathay Pacifc A350 Newark to Hong Kong in Business Class (EWR - HKG)

A quiet, 15 hour late-night flight with a spacious-but-hard bed. Great service, decent food.

PROSnew A350 plane with higher cabin pressure and humidityfriendly and helpful staffseat design allows for a flat bed with lots of leg mobility and possible sleeping positionsEWR is deserted at that time of night so it feels extremely calm and privategood in-flight entertainment options good award availabilityflight is fairly well timed for anti-jetlag fasting, NYC traffic, and first HK airport traindecent lounge with snacks and pour-your-own liquor NEUTRALfood was decent but unremarkable CONSno pajamasno air ventsvery hot cabinseat is quite hard, despite its nice design TIPS avoid row 11 (first row of Business), especially the center seatsthere’s a second, smaller business class cabin that seems like it’d have less flight attendant foot trafficbeautiful view of Montreal not long after takeoff
HOW I DID IT 75,000 Amex miles transferred to British Airways + US$112 per person, one way. Details …