Aeromexico 787 trip report

NOTE: An updated version of this trip report is here.

As a food-loving aviation nerd with bad sinuses, I've been really excited about the 787 ever since I first heard about its groundbreaking cabin humidity and air pressure levels. We've made a bit of extra effort to get flights on the 787 whenever (reasonably) possible and I definitely find myself less fatigued from the journey and the food does seem to taste a bit better.

For our annual flight NYC – Puerto Vallarta last year, we decided to route via Mexico City to try out Aeromexico's new 787s. (My PV guide is here). We celebrate both our birthdays, our anniversary, and Valentines in one big annual blowout trip but sadly the First Class options to Mexico don't offer much opportunity for glamour: all direct service has 38" domestic First recliner seats with limited food and alcohol choices. (Nearly all of the PS/Mint/Flagship routings via LAX or SFO require an overnight stay).

We needed to come back on a direct flight, so we took one of United's twice-weekly (Sat, Sun) direct flights back to Newark. I'd say it's a tough call to decide between flying direct on the second-rate "First Class" service offered by United/Delta and flying Aeromexico's 787 connecting service. But given how quickly the direct flights on United and Delta fill up (especially in First), their extremely limited award seats, and twice-weekly service, Aeromexico is a nice alternative.


  • JFK AirFrance lounge is great
  • Lie-flat, international long haul seats with seat-back entertainment and power
  • Reasonably priced (≈ $1000 one way)
  • Unique upgrade lottery system. Friends are reporting 50% success rates, YMMV.
  • Nearly unlimited award seating via Amex point transfer (yielding ≈ 3.4¢ redemption rate)
  • Champagne and premium tequila on board
  • Daily service (United and Delta's direct flights are only twice weekly)


  • Onboard food isn't very good out of JFK. Cabin crew said food out of MEX is better
  • One flight a day. MEX > JFK flight leaves at 6:30am (!!), JFK > MEX is at 1:40pm
  • The seat-back entertainment was very glitchy, hopefully that's fixed now
  • ...No really, like the boarding music (Sting's "if i ever lose my faith") kept playing every time the system crashed so we heard that song 4 dozen times. (Yes, I did lose my faith! :P)

UPDATE: we took this flight again in Jan '15 and it was largely identical. I'll add a few pictures of the food. Lounge pix are here. My booking saga is here

UPDATE 2015: finally got a pic of our plane!

787 tinted windows

32 business class seats

toilet with a view...

Jan 2014 food

Jan 2014 food


UPDATE: Jan 2015 appetizer

UPDATE: Jan 2015 main

UPDATE: Dessert

First Class lounge in Mexico City


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