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Trip Report: China Airlines 777 Taipei to New York in Business Class (TPE - JFK)

A nice SkyTeam alternative to EVA: while the food and amenities weren't quite as good as EVA's, the comfortable cabin temperature and soft lighting meant a much better night's sleep…

PROScabin was at a reasonable temp (below 25C the whole time) espresso (and staff willing to make it for you)reasonably-priced wi-fi CONSsuper crowded loungeno pajamasno air personal vents HOW I DID IT85,000 Delta points + $33 per person, one way
JETLAG MATH Once I did the math and realized that jetlag fasting would require skipping two meals in Taipei (and city meals, not crummy airport ones!) I stopped right there. I’d rather have jetlag when I get home than miss out on any chance to eat more of the city’s amazing food.

That said, the flight leaves at 17:30, which means you’d wake up early the day of the flight and eat “dinner” at 8am, and then fast until the first meal is served on the plane (a.k.a. “breakfast” in the New York time zone).
Airport and Lounge Despite the great airport metr…

Trip Report: Japan Airlines 787 Tokyo Narita to Taipei in Business Class (NRT - TPE)

Just enough time for a full dinner and a couple rounds of mahjong and you're there PROSvast, if a bit crowded, lounge with a full dining setupturn-left boardingwi-fi personal air ventstake-what-you-need amenity basket cuts down on wastesmall cabin feels quiet and privateToto Washlet toilets onboard!  Hakushu whisky!
CONSdeparts when the airport is at its busiest (6pm)no pre-departure beverages
HOW I DID IT14,500 Amex points + $57 for a flight that was retailing for $1900 – not too shabby! Airport and Lounge We took the Keisei Skyliner to Narita (when we arrived in Japan we'd purchased the round-trip + 24-hour Tokyo Metro pass ticket package I talked about in this post). The schlep to Ueno from Ebisu on the Yamanote line was a little irritating with all of our bags, but it wasn't rush hour so it wasn't too bad. And it was definitely better than paying US$250 for a taxi.

For international flights I find it tedious to do online check-in considering that it usually won’…