Did ANA raise their award co-pays?

UPDATE March 2018: I have my answer. ANA's fuel surcharge is tied to the Singapore Kerosene (i.e., jet fuel) price index and that's been quite high lately.

ANA Chart showing fuel price effect on surcharges

I've been doing a bunch of test bookings for a friend and it seems like ANA has recently raised the price of the co-pays on their award tickets. Low and Regular season Economy tickets now have co-pays around the US$250 mark. When I search for itineraries similar to those in receipts I have from previous bookings, the prices are $100 higher than a year+ ago. 
  • Low vs. Regular season are both now $250
  • Partner redemptions (e.g., United) are also in the $250 range, and also show a $100 increase
  • JFK to Haneda and Narita are both $250
  • Booking onward to another city (e.g., booking JFK to Okayama via Tokyo) is $250
In other words, there's no trick I can find to get around these new fees. I've been scouring the various forms and haven't found any information or announcements about the increase. This significantly devalues their previously-awesome Economy rewards. Sigh. 

FROM 2017: 50,000 + US $168

NOW: 50,000 + US$ 255

2016: 50,000 + ≈ US $90

NOW: 50,000 + US $257


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