JetBlue makes streaming Wi-Fi free for everyone

JetBlue was a little late to the in-flight Wi-Fi game – early on they said that they were waiting for the much faster second-generation options to become available. I also think they expected their DirecTV to tide people over while they waited.

I've used their "Fly-Fi" internet on many of their flights and it's fast and free – like 10x faster than the GoGo option that most other carriers have but it still didn't allow you to stream video. For that they offered an un-throttled paid Wi-Fi option that was fast enough to stream Netflix, Hulu, and the like.

Well, JetBlue put out a big press release yesterday that seems very oddly-worded, so allow me to rephrase it: JetBlue now offers streaming-speed Wi-Fi for free on all of their flights. The pay option is gone. This might completely change what I watch on board...

They also made a point to mention that it works even when the plane is on the ground, which is nice considering how crummy my reception often is on many airport tarmacs. But due to this bug, I'd avoid using this new feature for now. 

JetBlue now has DirecTV at every seat AND free streaming-speed Wi-Fi


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