Finally found a way to earn bonus points at

UPDATE 3/2018: JetBlue has effectively ended this program

I'm not a huge Amazon customer mostly because I try to buy as much as I can from the amazing Essex Market near my house. It's a slice of old school New York that's still hanging on and I want it to be around forever. But there are lots of times when I need something they don't carry, and since I have zero loyalty to the dozen local Walgreens I could walk to, I'll buy online.

One of the nice parts of buying online is that you can use shopping portals to get airline points from your purchases on top of whatever points your credit card gives you for the purchase. The EV Reward website lets you comparison shop which portal is offering the highest bonus for a given merchant. It may seem small, but it adds up – last year I earned 50,000+ points with shopping portal bonuses.
EV Reward results for Macy's (click to enlarge) 

Unfortunately basically never partners with any of these portals (I'm guessing they want you to use their own Amazon credit card if you want rewards). But there are those times when Amazon's price and availability means that zero bonus is still the best option.

Recently, though, JetBlue announced that they're offering 3x points per dollar when you shop on Amazon via their affiliate link. To get your JetBlue bonus points:

  • Log in to your TrueBlue account, 
  • go to the TrueBlue home screen if you're not already there,
  • click Our Partners, 
  • then Amazon, 
  • then Click Shop and Earn

This passes a unique token to Amazon so you get your JetBlue bonus for your purchase. The token expires after 24 hours and you'll have to repeat the process if you want to buy more. It doesn't work for their mobile app.


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