AirBnB pulls 80% of their Japan listings, leaving thousands of vacationers in the lurch

As I wrote in my popular "20 Things I Learned Being An AirBnB Host" post:
AirBnB very carefully dances around the legality of their service and puts the onus on YOU to be in compliance with the law. In their quest to "disrupt" the hotel industry, you're the front line infantry 
In anticipation (and protest?) of a new Japanese law requiring hosts to obtain a permit from their local authorities, AirBnB pulled all non-compliant listings almost no warning. Thousands of travelers are now scrambling to find new accommodations. This is what being their "front line infantry" looks like.

They've very much played the victim in the press, but they had plenty of time (over a year!) to provide hosts with tools and assistance to obtain the necessary permits.

Luckily, Japan has its own homegrown AirBnB alternative that only lists hosts with the proper permits –

If you're looking for a hotel or ryokan, I'm also a big fan of Japan I Can – they'll often show rooms and hotels that don't appear in traditional, western hotel search engines. Plus they let you filter your search by things like "does this hotel have an onsite onsen?" ♨️ is welcoming AirBnB escapees


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