jetBlue Plus MasterCard 10% point rebate is for primary cardholders only

One of the perks of the JetBlue Plus MasterCard is a 10% rebate any time you redeem JetBlue points for travel. My husband and I are in a family pool, and I'm a cardholder on his MasterCard account. I was looking at his points activity, and yep, his 1100 point Even More Space upgrade had a rebate a few weeks later called "B6 CoBrand Card Redemption Bonus".

A few months ago, I had redeemed 42,000 points for a trip but saw no such rebate. After a call to both JetBlue and Barclays I can confirm that only the primary cardholder gets the 10% rebate. ☹️

UPDATE (Sept 2018): The primary cardholder also gets the 10% points rebate when they redeem for other people in their household account. The rebate doesn't happen until the flight is completed. 
10% points rebate

As I've mentioned before, we set up the family pooling with me as Head of Household, and that was a mistake. The customer service folks at JetBlue were very kind about helping me finally fix that mistake today, but they made sure to point out that doing all of this point moving and changing the Head of Household was something they only did for people with Mosaic status. Non-Mosaic members can only change their family pool once a year, so they'd have to just close the family pool altogether and open a new one under the new Head of Household member's account.

Mosaic has a few unwritten perks...

Which JetBlue card should you get?


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