I'd forgotten all about those Plenti points!

With "gamification" being a huge buzzword across so many industries these past few years, it seems like nearly every business now offers some kind of rewards program. There's always a "time/effort versus payback" calculation with things so when I looked at American Express' Plenti program a couple of years ago, it definitely fell into the "not worth effort" column.

We do spend an ungodly amount of money on our AT&T cell phone bill, so I thought, "well, I'll sign up for Plenti and link the AT&T account and maybe 3 years from now I'll have enough points for a latte"… Fast forward to yesterday. I'm by a Rite Aid and think, "we're almost out of Tide" so I pop in there and the guy says, "would you like to pay with your Plenti points?" and, well:

My Tide and my Cascade were free! and I still have $30 left in my account. (Do note that you have to go to RiteAid.com and sign up for their Wellness+ account and then link it to your Plenti account to redeem).


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