BEWARE: Deceptive advertising on American Express Travel's website

I have an American Express Premier Rewards Gold card which I often use for airfare because it has a 3x category bonus for airfare. Amex offers an additional point if you book your flight through their travel portal, giving you a total of 4 points per dollar spent on airfare. When I was booking our Hawaii trip, I noticed that one of the itineraries has this "Featured" box around it, indicating that I'd get 2x points (versus the normal 1x point, I thought). Imagine my surprise when the trip only earned the normal amount of miles...

Well, after a long and drawn out conversation with the staff at American Express, it's their position that the wording in this box does NOT mean 3x points + 2x points for 5x points. They stand firmly by the fact that I was only entitled to 4x points on this trip – the exact same amount I would have earned for a non-"featured itinerary". I was logged in as myself when I booked, so there's no excuse for singling out certain flights as earning more when they don't.

As far as I see it, Amex tricked me out of 3424 points (I bought two tickets at $1712 each). The searches I screen-capped here are from today, so they're still doing this.

Itinerary listing – some are highlighted as earning more

When you click the question mark in the listing, this is the explanation

UPDATE: And their explanation from their Twitter account after seeing this post:
So I get 4x no matter what, and the "Featured" means nothing...


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