Hiton Honors Point transfers with Amtrak now Elite-only

I just hung up with an Amtrak phone rep and she informed me that their transfer program to Hilton Honors is now only available to people with Elite status with Amtrak. If you look at this chart, I guess you could sort of infer that the blank space means that it's not possible...

Amtrak moved to a more revenue-based model for their points system last year. Points are now worth around 2.5 to 2.9¢ each. While the program changes were generally all bad, at least they got rid of their blackout dates.

Given how little domestic NE travel we've been doing, I wanted to transfer the points over to Hilton before they expired. We aren't big chain hotel people, but my husband ends up with a ton of Hilton points due to his work so we occasionally spend them once we have the 100,000 points you need to get a single night free 😜.  Hilton's website doesn't mention the restriction, but their website is so terrible that it doesn't surprise me at all that it's out of date.


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