New procedure for Uber and Lyft at LAX

It recently became legal for Uber and Lyft to do pickups at LAX. The big thing to know is that you go upstairs from baggage claim to the departures level and stand at one of the designated pickup points. The points are lettered (A, B, C...) and the drivers are all sitting at a nearby lot waiting to be summoned to the specific pickup point their fare is waiting at. 

My driver explained that the driver app is aware when they enter the waiting lot and they're all put into a digital queue system. If they don't reach the head of the queue in 30 minutes they have to exit the lot and try again. Lyft charges a $4 surcharge for LAX pickups. So does Uber. Make sure you take note of your driver's car type and license plate number — it can be quite busy and it'll help make sure you don't get into the wrong car and generally keep things orderly. 

This is a nice change from Newark's recent decision to ban the services from both the airport and its train station.

make sure the pin is on your current pickup point and then request a driver.

There are a lot of other people waiting so make sure you take note of the car type and license plate number

Lettered waiting areas for Lyft and Uber


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