JSX expands to the East Coast

I've been out of the travel news loop for a while but I just noticed today that JSX is launching New York – Miami service on the 18th of November. 

JSX offers a private-like service from a few select airports in the West, but this is their first service on the East Coast. Unfortunately, they're flying out of HPN/Westchester County rather than from the NYC-area private terminal in Teterboro, New Jersey (the latter being vastly closer, especially so in heavy traffic).

While official info about their Westchester terminal hasn't been announced, I'm guessing they'll try to fly out of a civil aviation hangar there rather than out of the normal terminal. If you have to schlep all the way up there AND still go through the normal TSA and airport experience, I doubt many people would do it.

Fares start at $749 each way. More info on flyingmag.




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