Yelp cashback

I pretty much despise Yelp. They have a shady history of shaking down businesses to force them to purchase ads in exchange for removing bad reviews and un-hiding good ones. I also dislike the whiny, entitled princess culture it's evoked from much of the dining public. So I can't believe I'm sitting here about to shill something they're doing but here goes... Yelp cashback has finally given me something I've been unsuccessfully trying to get for years: a way to get a bonus on discount liquor purchases.

Yes, I realize that in other parts of the country there are good options for scoring points and cashback on liquor. Yes, there are lots of ways to get points/cashback for high-markup liquor purchases (Drizzly liquor delivery, for example). But I'm not going schlep halfway across town or pay 25+% more money for a bottle of liquor just so I can get 3x points.

No, what I was hoping for was a card with a category bonus so I could make 2 or 3x points at the discount liquor store right next to my apartment. As of last month, Yelp cashback appears to be exactly that solution.

Much to my surprise, I'm now getting 5% back at my local liquor store!

I've mentioned Yelp cashback before, and to paraphrase myself: I hate point schemes that involve a ton of work. Luckily, this one is pretty simple: enroll your credit card in their program and any time you eat at a participating restaurant (or shop at a participating business) you earn cashback (up to 10%). Setting up your cards for this takes a couple of minutes and you never really have to mess with it again. No referral links, no apps, no coupons, no hokey gift cards as rewards, no BS – just cash rebated directly to your credit card, automatically.

On top of the rewards I'm looking forward to at the liquor store, I love the pleasant surprise when you earn cashback rewards without even trying: just yesterday I'd gone to a random Irish Pub in Times Square and had $6 rebate sitting in my inbox when I got home.

Yelp's IT team recently added an interface to the main airline mileage dining programs to prevent people from "double-dipping" and getting rewards from both systems with a single purchase – it's one or the other now.


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