Up to 1500 bonus points using your Chase card with Apple Pay

Chase is running a promo for their smartphone payment systems (ApplePay, Samsung Pay) – one extra point per dollar on transactions between now and Nov 4th. The promo is capped at 1500 bonus points.

I love ApplePay because:

  • Merchants never have my real card number in their systems so breaches like the one at Target don't affect me.
  • I trust Apple's track record on security vastly more than I do any US retailer's.
  • ApplePay works much faster than the chip readers do at most stores, so if I get an unhelpful employee who doesn't know how ApplePay works, I like to point out to them that it's literally 10 seconds faster than the chip and that usually makes them very happy.
  • If I forget my wallet I can still pay for a taxi, groceries, prescriptions, etc. 
  • With the forthcoming Apple Pay Cash app launching, I'll be able to keep this and my Venmo/Paypal-like transactions with friends all in one place.
  • Automated kiosks (like transit ticket machines) that support Apple Pay let you avoid card skimmers installed by identity thieves.  
  • I can carry 10 virtual cards around with me but only have 1 or 2 physical cards in my wallet.


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