Quick tip: make a custom lock screen for your phone!

During my last trip to Los Angeles, my phone somehow fell out of my pocket while I was waiting in line for security. I noticed right as I approached the cool new coat check service. Needless to say I completely panicked and spent the next 40 minutes backtracking my steps and looking for where I'd dropped it. I eventually ended up at the Lost and Found where, as luck would have it, a white iPhone 6+ was sitting. "Not so fast... How do I know this phone is yours?" Well, I eventually convinced her it was mine and got my phone back, but it occurred to me that I should have a special lock screen for when I travel.

I made one in Adobe Photoshop that included:
  • my face (if someone finds it, they need to know who to give it back to!)
  • my email (no phone, maybe use your laptop to check email)
  • the phone number and face of my husband (last resort, call your spouse/bestie/mom)

If you're not much of a Photoshop person, there are apps to help you make these screens directly on your phone. Magic Screen Pro seems to be able to do this but I haven't tested it.

While we're on the subject, iPhones have an emergency screen that most people don't seem to know about. When your phone is locked, you can click Emergency and then Medical ID and a card shows with your medical information and emergency contact information. You can fill in all of these details by launching the Health app and clicking Medical ID. You might not have known this was there, but hopefully medical professionals and EMTs do. (You can also put a similar paper card in your wallet just to be sure!) 

from the lock screen click Emergency…

…then click Medical ID


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