*Sad Trombone* Kimpton is being acquired by IHG

I generally prefer B&Bs to big hotel chains, but if I do have to stay in a hotel, I just stay at a Kimpton if one is available. They're reasonably priced, each one is unique, they have free wifi if you sign up for their loyalty program, there's decent free coffee in the lobby in the morning, free wine in the lobby before dinner, emergency condoms in the amenity kit, and some of them have free loaner bicycles.

Welp, it looks like they just got acquired by IHG. All discussions of hotel points aside, any time a small, unique, innovative, tightly-run business gets acquired, all of the things that made it unique and attractive are the first things that get cut. Maybe it'll be different this time, but I doubt it. 

Thankfully Virgin is launching a hotel chain, so at least there's a new entrant to that space... 


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