Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NEWS: United is going to stop displaying award space for their partner Singapore Airlines

One of the great thing about airline alliances is that you can use your points from one airline on any of the partners. When you're on United.com searching for a mileage redemption reward between New York and Frankfurt, for example, you see results for United-operated flights as well as flights from Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. You're free to book whichever one suits your needs and interest. 

Unfortunately, United has decided they're going to start hiding the results from Singapore Airlines from the search results. The flights are still available, but you're going to have to call United and pay the $25 "talk to an agent" fee in order to redeem your miles for one of those flights. 

When a United mileage member flies on Singapore (or any partner airline), United has to pay cash to the partner airline for transporting you. When that same person flies on United, there's no payments to be made. You'd think that these partner agreements would all end up balancing each other out in the end, but apparently United doesn't think so with regards to Singapore. 

No doubt about it, this is irritating. 

(Also Note that United.com also doesn't show award space for their partner LOT Polish airlines, either).

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Singapore Air A380 on the JFK-Frankfurt route

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