Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ugh! yer killin' me here! Bottega Veneta Amex offer!

Amex periodically has offers you can attach to your card. Most of the time it's for things I don't use (trendy and expensive restaurants, expensive shops, weird online offers, and chain hotels) so I just skim the list when it comes out. Well, today I saw this one:

I love Bottega. And unfortunately my job took a sh*t last week and my cashflow is about to drop off dramatically. Not exactly the time for me to go buying $600 sneakers and a $400 wallet. But I soooo want to!! *stomps feet angrily*

UPDATE: in a bout of distraught, post-election retail therapy I ended up buying two pairs of bottega shoes, AND a belt! The 20,000 points showed up a week later. 

Ok with that out of the way, this essentially amounts to a 25% rebate from Bottega in points form. Their catalog has been sitting on my desk for the past 2 weeks and dang their fall shoes are cuuute :)


Amex is running a similar promotion with ANA – spend $1000 in airfare and get 20,000 points back. That one might also be good if ANA would ever run a Business Class fare special... But to quote one of my Japanese friends, "I'd rather fly ANA in Economy than United in Business!"

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