Denver Airport gets a rail link to downtown

Denver International Airport is joining the club of western airports with rail access. Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Phoenix all have them, LA is building one (albeit with a hilariously New York schedule), and San Diego, well, I guess they're gonna just sit this crazy trend out.

It's a 23 mile trip that takes 37 minutes and costs $9. The $9 basically gets you an unlimited day pass for Denver's RTD transit system. This seems like a unique approach to a problem that often happens with these kinds of links: "how to we charge tourists a lot more money than airport workers for the same ride?"

The cars look a lot like the SEPTA cars in Pennslyvania...

The trains are Silverliner V EMU by Hyundai-Rotem. Each car holds 232 passengers, 91 of them seated, with two wheelchair spaces. The trains run 22 hours a day, every half hour off-peak, and every 15 minutes during peak hours (5am - 6:30pm). 


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