La Compagnie

Back in June I mentioned La Compagnie – an all-Business Class airline brought to you by the same folks who founded Openskies. Six months later, they're still in business with their one Newark - Paris route.

They've just announced a new route to London (the press release makes it sound like it'll be to Gatwick).

I've not flown them before, but I did fly Openskies back when it was an all-Business Class airline and I liked it. The big pro with these flights is that they give me cheap access to the one thing I want most: a seat I can comfortably sleep in. In La Compagnie's case, $2600 for TWO roundtrip Business Class tickets is unheard of. It's cheaper than many big airlines' economy tickets. They also offer pre-departure lounge access and, because they're french, the onboard liquor won't be a disappointment :)

There are, of course, downsides. If anything goes wrong with the plane, well… they don't have any other planes to put you on. You don't earn any miles (which is fine by me since I'm not chasing status) and yeah, I kinda hate Newark. Maybe once the PATH train is done it won't be so bad, but until then, ugh. Also, the seats are the last-generation angled-flat seats, but lots of fancy airlines (hello, Lufthansa and JAL) are still flying this product today.

Lucky has a great trip report here.


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