NEWS: Norweigan airlines launching Boeing 787 service to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orlando

Norweigan Airlines is beginning service to LAX, Oakland, and Orlando airports starting in March of 2014 as they take delivery of new 787 aircraft from Boeing. This could be a great way to get an inexpensive fare into Europe and then take one of the smaller, low-cost European carriers on to other points on the continent. 

I'm a big fan of the 787 for several reasons
  • the interior air pressure and humidity is higher than most airplanes so you don't get as dried out and stuffy-nosed as you do on normal planes
  • the ceiling heights and layout of the overhead bins means you have much more headroom no matter what you're doing
  • the plane was designed to be much quieter in the cabin, so you have less stress from the sound of the engine droning for hours on end
  • the windows are 30% larger and have an electronic tinting feature so it's easier to see outside if you want to
  • since they're brand-new, you can be assured that the planes will have the most modern amenities on board
  • the economics of the plane mean more direct flights between smaller markets. 
787 headroom – and Mr. Z is 2m tall (6'5")!

press release here


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