Delta bonus promo

If you haven't done so already, you should sign up for the Delta partner bonus promotion.

Once you're registered, you'll earn 1000 bonus SkyMiles for each new Delta partner you earn miles with until June 30th. A list of the partners is here
UPDATE (14 June): So far we've netted 7,000 bonus points on this promo with another 2,000 pending!
I fly Delta fairly regularly for domestic travel, and I generally avoid United at all costs. But United's miles are still so much more useful that I pretty much only use the United Mileage mall and United Mileage Dining websites when I'm shopping or eating out.

That turned out to be perfect for this promo, since I'm both a Delta SkyMiles shopping AND a SkyMiles Dining virgin. Once I was signed up for the Delta SkyMiles shopping program, I used it to buy a few things from and collect my first 1000 point bonus. (Do note the dates – the bonus takes 6 weeks to post).

Last month when we needed to take an emergency trip to Seattle, I transferred Starwood points to Delta to pay for the flight. Lo and behold, that also counted as new partner earnings and I got another 1000 points for that.

But even if you're a big Delta fan and have already used most of their partners to earn miles, you can still sign up for their new Lyft partnership and hopefully land yourself another 1000.

Delta says it qualifies 😀


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