AT&T adds Wi-Fi calling for newest-gen of iPhones

We're on our big Japan trip right now and got some good news yesterday: AT&T is adding Wi-Fi calling for customers with newer iPhones running the latest version of iOS. While we don't talk on the phone much even when we're in USA, this will definitely help keep the costs down when we do. While there have long been alternatives (Skype, FaceTime), I still have to receive work calls on a normal US mobile number and that means per-minute charges. This new feature will let me do that for free while I'm on Wi-Fi.

To enable Wi-Fi calling, go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and turn it on. More information here and here.

My personal tips for reducing international roaming charges are here.

Your carrier info changes when Wi-Fi calling is enabled

Enable Wi-Fi calling in your Preferences


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