Saturday, June 13, 2015

Air vents!

Obviously this isn't an expansive list, but I'm trying to keep a record for myself of which flights have personal air vents. While there are lots of cool new tools to track the various in-flight amenities, none of them that I've found track this. I have many friends who work in the industry and I realize that these vents (nicknamed "gaspers") actually impede well-engineered cabin airflow, none of the marvels of my friends' airflow engineering will help me when the cabin crew sets the thermostat to 28C. Some more background info here.

In general, narrow-body us dometic planes all seem to have them. I only just started keeping track, but here's my list so far. Feel free to add your own!

Cathay 777-300ER nope
AA     777       yep
AC     777       yep
B6     A321*      yep (mint)
KL     A380*      no
ANA    777*       no
UNITED 777-200   yep

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