JetBlue Mint, 6 months in...

I've been a cheerleader for JetBlue Mint since it launched in Summer 2014. The legacy carriers had all upgraded their premium SFO/LAX-JFK service to lie-flat beds in the past 2 years when JetBlue came along and one-upped them by adding closing-door suites on their first foray into premium cabins. I snagged an introductory $499 flight from LAX back in August and I flew them again on a round trip this past week, JFK-LAX was at 11am, the flight home was a redeye that landed at 5:07am.

Here's a few of the things that changed between August and February:
  1. United, Delta, and American have all dropped their fares on this route from $3500 round-trip to about $2300. I love competition!
  2. JetBlue listened to feedback and upgraded to much better headphones (Brooklyn-made Grado SR60e headphones)
  3. The LAX departure gate now has several of the JFK T5-style high counters with lots of power plugs so people can charge their devices and work while they wait.
  4. They've added a coat check service to T5 so you don't have to schlep your coat around with you when you fly from JFK to warm destinations.  UPDATE: This closed late 2015
What hasn't changed:
  1. Service, food, Wi-Fi, and seats are still unquestionably the best of any US carrier.
  2. The legacy carriers are still racing to find new ways to nickel-and-dime even their best customers while offering a substandard experience in the air. 
  3. JetBlue still doesn't offer lounge access.
  4. The Birch Box amenity kit still has an odd assortment of things, most of which you don't need in-flight
This was my first redeye flight on Mint and I should point out that they have limited, 3-item "prix fixe" menu on those flights, followed by a hot breakfast sandwich with fruit prior to arrival. The seats also have a "do not disturb" button in case you'd like more sleep instead of a sandwich :) I arrived just as the coat check was opening and had no trouble jumping right into a cab back to Manhattan, even at that early hour. 

RIP: JFK T5 coat check

new Grado headphones!

lunch appetizer


semi-pursuant to this post, i decided to ask for seconds on the beets :P

lunch menu

lunch drinks

redeye menu

One of the most useful amenity kit items EVAR!


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